Social Commitment

Living responsibly is a central component of our corporate identity. In the area of environmental protection, we actively contribute to creating a sustainable future by using resources responsibly. Supporting international aid projects is something that we are particularly passionate about. 

Our aid involves: 

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In Uganda, we supported the construction of wells in two villages to provide the inhabitants with access to clean drinking water - something vital and yet not taken for granted!

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Dedication of the “Anne Schalk Well”

Children of the Millennium Village Hargujirpar, Bangladesh, after the first day of school and at play.

Our donations were used to support several initiatives such as needlework instruction for women, street repairs, partial payment for the nursery school teacher as well as school uniforms, construction of additional wells and sanitary facilities.

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Doctors Without Borders is involved in many countries worldwide for medical care of the community and we support Doctors Without Borders because in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters, rapid help is crucial to prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics.
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In Africa, blind persons have few opportunities. They are expelled from society, cannot earn a living and are reliant on help from others. We have been able to save a few people from this downward spiral by means of eye surgery. By gaining vision, these people were able to gain a future.

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Not just international, but also local!

In the German NFTE competition (Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship), first place was awarded to Laura Trautmann, a student at the Nikolaus-Christian-Sander School.

She presented her business idea to an international jury in New York, and we provided translations into U.S. English for Laura Trautmann free of charge, allowing her to make an outstanding presentation.

We think ahead sustainably !

Responsible management of natural resources is a steady component of our everyday work, since those who wish to plan on sustainability for the future need a new, widened perspective.
We save resources by avoiding paper printouts and also by sending all documents, invoices, etc. electronically.